❓Can I trial the Free Plan?

At this time, the free Essentials plan is not available until the last 7 days of your trial or later.  This is because the features on the free plan are extremely limited, and we do not want new customers to get the wrong impression of what Feedback Genius has to offer.  Initially you will pick the plan that suits your needs for trialing the software, then if you would still like to use the free plan after that, you can swap to the Essentials plan in the last 7 days of your trial or later.

To update your plan, simply visit the Manage Subscriptions section in your Seller Labs Dashboard and click “Change Plan”.

❓ What features are available on the Free Plan?

Feedback Genius is one of the few programs that we offer that can be used for free indefinitely.  With that in mind, it should be noted that using the free plan as opposed to the paid plans does come with a few drawbacks.  Below I have listed the features available on the free plan and those that are not. 

Features included in the free plan:

  • 100 messages to send on a monthly basis
  • Delivery based messages (1 day after delivery, immediately after delivery etc.) for FBA orders
  • Messages can be sent for confirmation or shipped events for both FBA and FBM orders
  • Feedback tracking (Seller Feedback)
  • Messages can be sent for 1 marketplace

Features not included in the free plan:

  • Product review tracking
  • Delivery based messages for FBM orders
  • "Skip if buyer left feedback" filter option
  • "After positive feedback" message event
  • Negative feedback and review notifications
  • Email attachments
  • A/B testing
  • Additional marketplaces

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