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How can I connect my (India) marketplace to Communication Center?
How can I connect my (India) marketplace to Communication Center?
Users can now send Communication Center messages to their customers! Find instructions below for connecting your IN marketplace.
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Communication Center now includes the ability to connect an marketplace to your account! This feature is currently in beta, and our team is in the process of adding more support for the Indian marketplace. 

To add an marketplace to your account, from your left navigation, click on Connections. And click the "Add Marketplace" button. This will direct you to the Seller Labs Marketplace Setup and walk you through the process of connecting to a new marketplace. 

(When prompted, please select the option to connect a European marketplace. We'll be changing this workflow once we add full support for this feature!)

After connecting your marketplace, you will be able to set up messages to send based on when orders are confirmed or shipped. Our system is not yet able to send delivery-based messages to orders, and our team is working to add this function to a future update. 

As with connecting any new marketplace, please be sure to create new messages for that specific marketplace, because each message can only be assigned to one marketplace.

You can view additional plan details here.

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