Scope subscriptions are based on the number of products and keywords you are able to track, but what does tracking really mean? Tracking tells the system to regularly update information pertaining to the item (keyword or ASIN) that you track. The information that updates is different depending on if you track an ASIN or a keyword.

The price, rating, reviews, estimated sales, estimated revenue, category, and rank are all regularly refreshed on ASINs you track. Please be aware that tracking an ASIN does not mean the keyword data will update. 

When you track a keyword, Scope refreshes the position for every product that keyword ranks. For example, if I’m tracking “water bottle” and the top three ASINs that it ranks, Scope will still update the position for the fourth, fifth, and subsequent ASINs through the fourth page of search results. Scope also displays the Keyword Position History within the Web Application.

This up-to-date information gives you deeper insights into how a product is performing. Knowing this information will help you make informed sourcing and optimization decisions. To learn how to track products, see our Knowledge Base article here.

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