Your upcoming payment can sometimes be higher if you change plans in the middle of a billing cycle. Our charges are automatically prorated based on the amount of time left in your billing cycle when you make the change.

Prorated billing is easier to understand if you think of each subscription having a cost per day. If you upgrade your subscription in the middle of your billing cycle, you begin paying the new price per day immediately. You receive a credit for the unused portion and a partial charge for a mid-cycle change. This means on your next billing cycle you will pay the full price for the new subscription plus the partial charge. I have listed an example of mid-cycle change below:

  1. If there are 30 days in the bill cycle and the monthly charge of your current plan is $30 and the plan you are changing to is $45, the daily rate of your current plan is $1 and $1.50 for the new plan.

  2. If your bill cycle starts on the 1st and you make the change effective on the 15th, you’ll receive a credit and a partial charge for the 15 days remaining in the bill cycle.

  3. Credit for your current plan would be $1 x 15 days = $15. The partial charge for the new plan would be $1.50 x 15 days = $22.50. You’ll also be charged one month in advance for the new plan.


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