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Setup Ad Scheduling (Dayparting) for Your Amazon Advertising Campaigns
Setup Ad Scheduling (Dayparting) for Your Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Use Ad Scheduling to display your Amazon ads when you want. Use this guide to learn how to use this feature with your campaigns!

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Use Ad Scheduling to grow sales and gain visibility for your Amazon Sponsored Products and Brands advertising campaigns. To get started, log in to the Advertising Center and select the campaign for which you'd like to enable this feature.ย 

Once you select your campaign, select the "Ad Scheduling" tab.

Then switch the toggle selector to On to enable Ad Scheduling (Dayparting).

Turning on Ad Scheduling will trigger a confirmation window with additional information. Click "Enable" to move forward.

Next, you will want to select the time zone you would like to have reflected in your scheduling. Select whatever time zone makes most sense for your target customers.

After selecting the times you would like the campaign to run, click on the Save button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tip: when you flag a box, it's for 59 minutes out of the hour. By choosing 2:00 a.m., your ads will run from 2:00-2:59 a.m. Alternatively, if you flag 6:00 p.m., your ads will run through 6:59 p.m. So, if you wish to have campaigns paused at lets say 6:00 p.m., you need to click on 5:00 p.m.

Your campaign will be paused for all other hours where the time block is not flagged.ย 


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