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How can I determine when to run my ads? Which Strategy is best for me?
How can I determine when to run my ads? Which Strategy is best for me?
Learn about different possible strategies for the Ad Center's Ad Scheduling feature. See how to leverage the tool for your account's gain!
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Ad Scheduling is a great way to get a step ahead of your competitors, by saving your daily ad spend for the time of day your campaigns perform the best! There are several different approaches toward using Ad Scheduling:

Ad scheduling strategy #1: testing

Depending on the season and your category, etc, you might assume that there are certain times of the day or days of the week when more customers are shopping for and buying your products. One way to test these assumptions is with ad scheduling. One example would be to create multiple identical campaigns (same product ads, budget, bid, etc) and set those campaigns to run during equal sequential segments throughout the entire day. After enough activity is collected, you can analyze the results to determine if certain times or days offer enhanced ROI for your campaigns, e.g., a higher clickthrough rate or lower ACoS% in the evening vs. the morning. 

Example: 12 manual campaigns in the Advertising Center set to run in 2-hour segments throughout the day with the same keywords, product ads and bids.

Example: The results (CPC and impressions) from 12 manual campaigns set to run in 2-hour segments throughout the day, 7 days per week.

Ad scheduling strategy #2: split testing

Split testing is a proven way to make evidence-based decisions in your business. Using ad scheduling with the Advertising Center, you might create multiple versions of campaigns to test the bid amounts or product ads in order to find which campaign configuration yields the best results for your shoppers. You might set these ads to run during alternating hours of the day to test which variation yields the best results. 

Ad scheduling strategy #3: evening advertising

Since Sponsored Products budgets reset every 24 hours, it’s understood that the competition for bid auctions will be lesser later in the day as more of your competitors run out of budget. Scheduling your campaigns to turn on exclusively during the evening, restricting them from running during the most competitive times, might be an opportunity to capture lower priced bids after your competition has spent all of their budget earlier in the day.

In conclusion, ad scheduling is one more strategy you can use to get the most out of your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns and how you choose to use it will depend on your goals and category. Let us know which ad scheduling strategies you’ve found to be successful!

For more information on how to set up ad scheduling in your Advertising Center, check out our how-to article here

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