Your MWS Auth Token must be up to date and connected to your Seller Labs account in order for Feedback Genius and Ignite to work properly. This connection gives Seller Labs access to your Seller Central account, which enables our system to gather information on your orders.

If your MWS Auth Token expires, or is ever revoked, you will need to re-establish access in order for Seller Labs Pro to function correctly.

Finding the MWS Auth Token In Amazon Seller Central

To locate the MWS Auth Token, log into your Seller Central account and navigate to the User Permissions page in the Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and locate the Third party developer and apps section, from here click on Visit Manage Your Apps.

Once you're on the Manage Your Apps page, you should see Seller Labs listed as an authorized developer.

To the right of the Seller Labs developer row, you'll see a small blue link, labeled View, under the MWS Auth Token column.

Click View and you'll be presented with your MWS Auth Token in the same cell.

Important Information

Once you have your MWS Auth Token, copy and paste it into a message and send to a Success Agent, via our in-app chat, or by email at

If Seller Labs is listed in the Revocation section, please re-confirm access and reply with the new Auth Token. We will be able to verify if MWS access is working as expected once we have received your reply.

Lastly, if you are unable to locate your MWS Auth Token, or your permissions do not look like this, please reach out to our Customer Success team for help!


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