When a user types a misspelled version of a popular keyword in the search bar, Amazon will offer an option for what they believe is the correct version of that keyword.  Since this keyword was searched with the misspelling and then corrected to the proper keyword, the records still show that the misspelled keyword directed the buyer to your product.

However, Scope is able to understand that this search term is a misspelling and shows the results for the "correct spelling" instead.

For example, Scope lists "appler slicer" as a ranking keyword for ASIN B00EZQQO8M.  When the keyword is searched, the ASIN should be in the 8th position on the page. 

If a shopper searches the misspelled keyword "appler slicer", Amazon will recommend to search "apple slicer" instead. Scope assumes the shopper clicked on Amazon's suggestion of "apple slicer", and attributes the impressions to that keyword. 

We can see that ASIN B00EZQQO8M is in the 8th position on the search results page of "apple slicer".  To see this data confirmed in Amazon, you can search the keyword and check that the position of the product matches the misspelling data!


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