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Optimize your Listings using Scope
Optimize your Listings using Scope
Get the most of Scope by learning how to improve your frontend and backend keywords for each of your product listings.
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If you are just starting to use Scope, please check out our beginner's guide to Scope here.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are using Scope to its fullest.
First, it's important to know where to place the keywords you have found. You'll want to place keywords in order of importance: title, bullet points, product description, and backend keywords. 

 1. Title: The title is the essence of your product and is what will drive people to click through to your listing. For the title, you'll want to keep conversions in mind. It's important to use keywords that have the highest ranking. 

 2. Bullet Points: This is where you will begin to sell your product. You will want to use keywords that both highlight the benefits of your product and increase desirability. As you do this, you are using that next layer of high-performing keywords.

 3. Product Description: This section can be used to tell your product's story and to ensure that your buyers have all the information they need to make their purchases. This section can be detailed, but it is best to keep it short and sweet.

 4. Backend Keywords: Backend search terms should be different from the terms you’ve already used throughout your listing as a subject, description, or title. There’s no need to repeat keywords. This area is great for using keywords and phrases that are not visually appealing or as high performing. 

Here is a great video that will help you learn how to effectively research keywords to use for your listing.

Common mistake? Using keywords that do not drive traffic or are not related to the product.

An example of this would be if I am selling an apple slicer, and I add “kitchen gadget” to my backend. In my mind, an apple slicer is a kitchen gadget, so the keyword must be applicable, right? No. I’m casting too wide of a net. I need to shift this mindset of vague (“kitchen gadget”) to specific (“apple slicer”) in order to hone in on who is actually buying my product. Who’s going to buy an apple slicer? Probably not someone who is looking to cut a watermelon.

Use Scope to solve this problem! Product reviews are full of potential keywords if you make the effort to look through them. Look up your competitors' products to find new top-ranking keywords to use in your own listing. Clean out the keywords from your listing that aren’t performing and replace them with stronger keywords.


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