Seller Labs Pro subscriptions are billed based on how many Amazon orders you receive per month.  Plans start at $79/mo. and go up based on the total volume of orders you receive during your plans 30-day period.

To select a plan, simply choose the drop-down for Monthly Orders and choose the range that best fits your current order volume:

up to 500 orders for $79 / month
up to 2,500 orders for $199 /month
up to 10,000 orders for $299 / month
up to 25,000 orders for $599 / month
up to 50,000 orders for $999 / month

With Seller Labs Pro you have access to all four of our applications: Feedback Genius, Ignite, Scope, and Quantify

Pro bundles include an unlimited amount of messages for the Feedback Genius app, up to $1000 per month in Amazon Ad Spend with Ignite, an unlimited number of products and keywords to track in Scope, and full access to features within Quantify. 

Seller Labs Pro subscriptions will also include additional marketplaces at no extra cost (Feedback Genius related).  Additional marketplaces for individual Feedback Genius plans will include an additional $10.00 per marketplace charge.

If you have a previous individual subscription with us, you can simply upgrade to the Seller Labs Pro subscription.  Any previous subscription charges will be pro-rated and applied towards your new Seller Labs Pro subscription. 

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