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How can Seller Labs Services (SLS) help my Amazon business?
How can Seller Labs Services (SLS) help my Amazon business?
Looking for a dedicated team to manage your account? Learn about the extra benefits that SLS can offer you and your business!
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Seller Labs Services is a Sponsored Product Ad consultation service we offer.  Our dedicated team of PPC experts will manage any advertising campaigns you currently have on Amazon and will also create any new campaigns that may be needed.  This service can be used as a temporary or ongoing relationship depending on the plan and contract established.

SLMS starts at $1,499 a month with a minimal contract of at least 3 months.  The final monthly charge will be determined once our team has a chance to speak with you about your business goals.

In order to learn more about this service, simply visit and click the "Get Started" button to leave a little information about yourself for our Managed Services team.

After submitting your request a member of our team will reach out to discuss the options we have available to help manage your Amazon advertising.

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