Adding tags for your SKUs is a simple and familiar process, please check out the guide below! 

Uploading tips:

  • Do not change the name of the sheet in the Excel file, doing so will cause an upload error.
  • Do not change the column order from the download file.
  • NOTE: There may be a delay between uploading your sheet and adjustment of the profit metrics (Margin, ROI, etc.) updating in Quantify, we are currently working to make that refresh faster.

( 1 ) From the Dashboard, click on the account email address in the top right corner of the screen and click “Data Upload” to navigate to the Data Upload page.

( 2 ) On Data Upload page, download the Excel sheet, which includes all of your imported SKUs, and fill in the columns for COGS, Lead Time, Reorder Level, and Tags. Save the file to your machine.

( 3 ) Upload your completed Excel sheet.

You will be able to view your Tags by navigating to the Products tab. On the top left, please select "Show". Here, you will be able to refine your search and sort by Tags! 

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