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Use Ad Scheduling (Dayparting) to Lower ACoS and Improve Profitability
Use Ad Scheduling (Dayparting) to Lower ACoS and Improve Profitability

Reduce wasted advertising spend by customizing when your campaigns are displayed with Ad Scheduling (Dayparting).

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One of the best ways for Amazon sellers to grow sales and gain visibility is by running Amazon Sponsored Products advertising campaigns. However, it quickly becomes clear that control over when your ads are displayed is extremely limited. 

With Ad Scheduling (Dayparting), you can set a start and end date, but this still pretty much limits you to having your campaigns set to either “on” or “off”. 

The Advertising Center gives you complete control over the timing of your campaigns down to the hour of the day! This is useful for several reasons:

  • You can customize your campaigns to run during the most profitable times of day

  • Save wasted ad spend 

  • Maximize what your limited daily spend does for you

  • Lower your ACoS

  • Improve your return on invested ad spend

  • Increase your exposure 


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