This is Ignite’s home page Dashboard -- It’s a mission control center, of sorts, for your advertising campaigns. We’ve placed critical performance metrics, front and center, so you can quickly view the health of all of your campaigns and take quick action towards your goals.

Each tile contains aggregated campaign information across all of the accounts that you have connected to Ignite. Hovering over the question mark icon of each tile will display a brief help text to provide more information.

You can also use the date filter, to the right-hand side of the metric tiles, to set a date range that you desire:

You're also able to quickly navigate to other sections of the platform by clicking on any of the three main tiles at the top (Suggestions, Active Campaigns, or Keywords):

Looking at your campaign performance as a whole is important, but sometimes you want to get more granular to evaluate the performance of individual campaigns. We’ve got you covered there as well with the Campaign Detail screen. Navigating into any individual campaign will bring up a dynamic dashboard showing data for that single campaign. From within the Campaign Details page you can set Target ACOS, Daily Budgets, Edit the campaign itself (SP's only right now) and much more!


Need help? Our support team is happy to assist you! 🙂

  • Connect via the in-app chat icon, located in the bottom-right of your screen while logged into any of our apps
  • Search the Knowledge Base to see if your question has already been answered
  • Make an appointment with us for more direct support
  • Call our support line at (404) 909-8251 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday
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