Ad Spend refers to the total cost of the clicks you receive for your advertisements on Amazon.  We calculate your Ad Spend within your 30-day billing period.

  • For Ignite, your plan size is solely determined by your Ad Spend.
  • For any Seller Labs Pro plans, both your Ad Spend and Order Volume will be used to determine the most ideal subscription plan.

If you exceed the Ad Spend limits of your plan, you will be charged an overage fee. Once you've gone beyond your monthly subscription amount you will incur an overage fee of $50 on your next invoice for each block of $500 in Ad Spend that is over your monthly plan. For example, if you are on our "$2501 - $5000 Ignite Plan" and your monthly Ad Spend comes out to be $5450, you will be charged an additional $50 on your bill. 

If you get close to your plan’s limits during your billing period, we will send you an email warning that you are about to exceed your plan limits so you can adjust your plan as needed. If you adjust your plan before the end of the month, we will wave any overage fees occurred. 

You can monitor your plan’s usage from your Seller Labs Dashboard under the “Plan Utilization” section on your Home Dashboard:


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