Product reviews are a critical component to brands and sellers of all sizes; they are your products’ online reputation. Reviews are also a crucial customer support tool as long as you’re aware of what’s being said.

That’s where the Product Review Tracking feature comes in. Feedback Genius can easily become the nucleus of your Amazon customer support operations. At this time, Feedback Genius only supports Product Review Tracking for the US (.com) marketplace.

Using Review Tracking, you’ll be able to see all of your product reviews—new and old—under the Product Reviews tab under Communications in the left navigation. Go a step further and enable negative review notifications for reviews three stars and under. These notifications will be sent as an email and/or text message whenever a negative or neutral review has been submitted.

Respond to Buyers and Keep Track of Responses

How to Reply to Buyers

Provide unhappy buyers with a path to a solution. You can reply to the buyer’s review from the product review notification email. Alternatively, you can filter all of your product reviews by the star rating: the most popular option being the “3 Stars and Below” filter. 

When you find the review you’re looking for, just click the “Comment on Amazon” link, which will take you directly to the product review on Amazon.

Next, reply to the buyer’s product review with a message offering support and sympathy as well as providing your Amazon seller contact link. If the buyer chooses to respond, they will be taken to your seller contact page, which gives them an option for assistance with an order they placed.

Toward the middle of the contact page, the buyer can tell Amazon more about their issue by selecting the “Returns and Refunds Policy” option. Once this option has been selected, the buyer can attach an image of their product and write a message up to 4,000 characters in length.

Once the message has been sent, you should receive it shortly. Amazon gives you two business days to respond.

Stay Organized

Back in Feedback Genius, within the Product Reviews tab, you can select one of six ticketing statuses for the order: 

  • New
  • Waiting
  • Responded
  • Ticket Open
  • Resolved
  • Won’t Fix. 

This functionality will keep you and your team’s customer support tickets organized. What’s more, a note can be added to each response to keep track of what was said.


Using Product Review monitoring won’t guarantee you a 100% customer satisfaction rate but it will make communicating and helping unsatisfied buyers easier and more effective. All of this means you’ll be able to improve your reputation while helping buyers at the same time.


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