Intelligent suggestions is your unfair competitive advantage for Amazon advertising. And in order to generate intelligent suggestions, you need to have a target ACoS set for each campaign. 

Once you've establish a target ACoS, Ignite will begin collecting data and building suggestions. It will take some time for a campaign to offer high-quality suggestions. But as time passes, more and better suggestions will be generated for your campaigns. Expect to see quality suggestions within seven days of using Ignite; time will vary depending on how aggressive your ACoS goals are.

How to set a target ACoS

Upon logging in to Ignite, you'll be presented with a pop-up window option to set your Target ACoS goals quickly for any campaign where the current Target ACoS is 0%.

Within the pop-up window you can:

  • Learn more about setting the best target ACoS
  • Dismissing the pop-up window
  • Set a reminder
  • Set a target ACoS by clicking the "Get Started" button

When you click the "Get Started" button you'll be taken to another pop-up window where you can set a target ACoS for all of your campaigns that have a target ACoS of zero.

Enter a target ACoS number

In the second pop-up window you can enter your target ACoS for all of your campaigns that don't have a set target yet. You can always adjust a campaign's ACoS target within the Campaigns tab.

Now, just add the target number you want and click the "Done" button. Doing so will update all of your previously zeroed-out campaigns with the new target ACoS number. 

Adjusting your target ACoS

On the Campaigns page, you can see all of your campaigns. Within the table, there is a column labeled TARGET ACOS. This is where you can view and adjust the target ACoS for each campaign.

Adjusting this number is easy. Simply click the pencil icon next to the number, change it and then click the file icon to save it. 

Additionally, you can bulk update ACoS numbers with the multi-select option on the far-left column. Just select the action button from the top and change the ACoS. 

That's it. You're now able to adjust your ACoS percentages across all of your campaigns or on a campaign level. 


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