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Learn more about our updated Terms of Service
Learn more about our updated Terms of Service

Seller Labs 2020 Updated Terms of Service

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Starting in January 2020 Seller Labs began the process of shifting from individual tools to selling an All-In-One Solution.  With this update, we will be able to provide our customers with more features to help you grow your Amazon business. As part of this update, we’re updating our Terms of Service and wanted to share those revisions with you. The changes won’t impact the way you access or use Seller Labs solutions.

To help you understand the update, we’ve provided a summary of key change

  • Focus on a comprehensive solution: We realized that true success requires a full suite of solutions! Our terms have been updated to reflect the additional features we’ve made available to all users, under our new Pro plan. 

  • Annual revenue-based pricing: You are all in different stages of business and we look forward to working with everyone through all stages of growth. At signup, and on a rolling 12 months, users will be offered plans based on an annual Amazon revenue. As you grow, so does our commitment to you! Increased support options and enhanced SLAs have been included to ensure we are there when you need us. We will always notify you in advance of plan changes.  

  • Enhanced subscription options: Users will be able to take advantage of discounted subscription fees for annual plan commitments. More information about these plans can be found throughout our site, and terms have been modified to acknowledge those 12-month agreements.

Our full Terms of Service can be reviewed at any time. 

We look forward to continuing to offer solutions that bring our customers increased value and enhanced experiences!


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