To fully connect your Seller Central account to the Products Table for the first time, you will need to grant Seller Labs access to your marketplace(s). To check to see if you have already granted Seller Labs permission, go to the "Settings" page and check "Seller Central Invite" column. If it says "Complete", then skip to step #4 below to make sure the correct permissions have been granted. If it says "Connect", you will need to start from step #1.

Follow the instructions below to grant access to Seller Labs:

  1. From your Seller Labs Dashboard, click on your email in the top right hand corner and from the drop down menu click on "Settings".

  2. Under the Seller Central Invite column, you will see the option to "Connect". Click on "Connect" for the marketplace you need to fully integrate.

  3. Copy your "” user email address. Open the User Permissions page in a new window. Paste the "” user email address and click “Send invitation".

  4. After about half an hour, to an hour, you can navigate back to the User Permissions page and “confirm” the Seller Labs user. Select “Add user permissions.” In the Reports section, grant “view and edit” permissions for "Business Reports, Sales Summary". In the Orders section, grant "view" permissions for "Manage Orders". Then click continue at the bottom of the page.

  5. Once this is completed, navigate back to the Products Table and you are all set! This can take a 24-48 hours to fully sync.

Please be aware that sometimes you will not be able to confirm the invitation immediately. Regardless, we’ll send you an email once our system automatically processes the invitation so you can complete the confirmation later.


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