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What is Request a Review Automation?
What is Request a Review Automation?

Request a Review Automation is now available in your Seller Labs Pro subscription!

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In 2019, Amazon added a new way for sellers to request product reviews and seller feedback from their buyers. Their “Request a Review” button was placed on the Order Details page, and needs to be clicked for each and every order, a seller wants to request a review for, and it only works after the order has been shipped.

For most sellers, they’re looking for reviews on every order. The power of reviews on a product detail page can change a potential buyer’s decision increasing your conversion rate.

Request a Review Automation to make your life easier!

No more manually clicking for each and every order within Seller Central! The new Request a Review feature removes the manual work on your end and will automatically send an email to a customer requesting both a product review as well as seller feedback on an order. Amazon’s system will also automatically translate this request to the customer’s preferred language. Also, with our feature, you can customize how many days after delivery you want the Request a Review to be sent out!

The message that is generated to the buyer includes options to give star ratings for both the product and the seller. Once selecting a star count, the customer is driven to Amazon to leave additional details on their experience if they so choose.

The most defining differences between the Request a Review automation and other messages is that these messages are not sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging and they carry the Amazon logo, not yours.

Request a Review Automation is now included in your Seller Labs Pro Subscription

Don’t worry, you still have the option to send personalized messages! We believe sellers should have a choice, so we created a center where you can pick the option that best meets your needs.

We highly recommend using personalized messages or the Request a Review feature, not both. The new Amazon feature is already an effort to cut down on Buyer-Seller Messages, so you certainly don’t want to bombard your buyers with multiple messages.

Ready to check it out? Log in to your account today! If you don’t have an account, what are you waiting for? Start your free 30-day trial! You can also save with our new annual plans. Click here to see how to set up your Request for Review Automation with your Seller Labs' subscription!


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