Bring your data to life with customizable Google Data Studios dynamic reporting templates. We've done the heavy lifting and created the templates for you!

Our skillfully developed reports help you visualize your data to help quickly identify areas of opportunity and take action. They are jam-packed with your Amazon data to give you better insight of your business.

The reports are dynamic, meaning you can drill down in each section to show a different view of the data, from high level totals to a granular breakdown. You also have the ability to view all of your connected PRO marketplaces from 1 report. Saving you time and effort!

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Need a demonstration of the report creation process? No problem! Check out our step-by-step guide.

What data points are included in the reports?

  • Order History

    • Summary metrics

    • Shipping status

    • Product breakdowns

    • Order origin

    • Discounts

    • What time orders are placed

    • Traffic trends

    • Activity by product

    • Top products by sales rank

  • Inventory

    • Summary metrics

    • Available vs. suggested inventory

    • Inventory recommendations

    • Inventory age

    • Sell-through rate

    • Alerts

  • Advertising

    • Campaign summary metrics

    • Conversions by campaign type

    • Average conversion rate

    • Performance trend comparisons

    • Top Campaigns Performance

    • Portfolios

    • Auto targeting types, campaigns, conversions & bid amounts

    • Spend to budget

    • Conversions by attribution window

    • Product type conversions by campaign

    • Top Ad groups

    • Top search terms performance

    • Top keywords performance

    • Impressions over time

    • Spend by keyword match type

    • Impressions by campaign

We've built these dynamic reports for you powered by Google Data Studios, but there are several other BI data visualization tools that you can use to sync your data to the data hub. Check out the other data visual tools we offer connections to:


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