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The very first step that should be taken after adding a new marketplace is to connect the Selling Partner API.

What is the Selling Partner API?

The Selling Partner API (SP-API) is a REST-based API that helps Seller Labs software programmatically access your data on orders, shipments, payments, and much more. Using the SP-API can increase selling efficiency, reduce labor requirements, helping you grow your business!

Our new Selling Partner API took place of our MWS Auth token connections to your account.

Why this connection is vital to you?

Seller Labs is getting a lot of data through the Selling Partner API to make your account functioning as expected. Without SP-API Seller Labs will not be able to pull in sales data and pull in order information inside PRO! Moreover, without SP-API connection data won't populate inside Data Hub!

How to connect/reconnect the Selling Partner API?

After you first connected your marketplace, you should see the next screen where please click the Complete Connection button:

You will be redirected back to Amazon Seller Central where please click the Allow button:

You should be all set! Here's what you should see on the Connections page:

If your previously added marketplaces were not connected to the Selling Partner API just click the Connect wording on the Selling Partner API column on the Connections page and should be redirected to the following page where please put a tick as shown on the screenshot and click the Sign Up/Login Seller Labs Pro button:

After that you should see the following:

In case you see the Reconnect wording, please click it to reconnect the Selling Partner API and you should be offered to follow the steps described above!


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