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Written by Joshua Topham
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Data Questions: What Data is Available? (Video)

Data Dictionary (Link)

Google Sheets

Part 1: Connections and Troubleshooting

1.1 Finding & Installing the Add-on (Video)

1.2 Using the SideBar & Demo Token (Video)

1.3 Getting your Token and Multiple Tokens (Video)

1.4 Functions - General Know-how (Video)

1.5 Unknown Function (Video)

1.6 Blank Return (Video)

1.7 Oops, something went wrong (Video)

1.8 How to copy a template & template know-how (Video)

Token for Demo Data: DemodemoDemodemoDemodemoDemodemoDemodemo

Part 2: SL Google Sheet Formulas

2.1 Functions - what is available and where can I find them? (Video)

2.2 Venue Selector (Video)

2.3 Date Range (Video)

2.4 Columns (Video)

2.5 Criterion_column & Criterion (Video)

2.6 Group_by & Order_by (Video)

2.7 Criterion_column & Criterion Part 2 (Video)

Troubleshooting Common Errors

2.8 Using Quotation Marks and Commas in Formulas (Video)

Part 3: Interpreting Reports

Can find templates as well as documentation Here

Token for Demo Data: DemodemoDemodemoDemodemoDemodemoDemodemo

3.1 TACOS by Asin Report (Video)

3.2 P&L by Asin Report (Video)

3.3 Hourly Heatmap (Video)

3.4 Seasonal Sales Forecaster (Video)

3.5 Sales Rank Category Tracker (Video)

Part 4: Formulas - Advanced

4.1 Formulas - Advanced - 1 (Video)

4.2 Formulas - Advanced - 2 (Video)

4.3 Formulas - Advanced - 3 (Video)

4.4 Create a Demo Report - 1 (Video)

4.5 Create a Demo Report - 2 (Video)

Part 5: Continued

5.1 Creating Custom Groupings in the Seller Labs Data Hub (Video)

Google Sheet Exam

Data Hub Test - (Link)

Webinar - Exam - (Link)

Training Webinars

Webinar Part 1: Intro (Video)

Webinar Part 2 (Video)

Webinar Part 3 (Video)

Great External Tools

Getting Started with Preset (Video)

Preset Chart Documentation (Link)

Internal Training Videos

Why Preset? (Video)

Getting your Data Connected (Video)

Demo Database Credentials can be found Here

Creating a Dataset (Video)

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