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The Product Reviews tab

Get a full list of received product reviews and download it!

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Product reviews play a crucial role in the decision-making process of customers when it comes to purchasing a product. With the advent of online shopping, product reviews have become an essential aspect of e-commerce websites.

We are glad to present you a new, powerful tool inside Seller Labs Pro and Data Hub accounts that provides you with a comprehensive list of all the product reviews for your products on Amazon. The list includes the ASIN, the product review link, the review text, star rating, and the date the review was posted! Please welcome the Product Reviews tab!

It is located in the Products section in the hamburger menu in the top left corner:

Once you are on the Product Reviews page, you can see the Detailed View table where you can:

  • select a marketplace

  • select a specific product that you would like to get reviews for

  • set custom filters

  • see the product's rating, the total number of reviews and average reviews count

  • download the list of product reviews for this specific product

Additionally, you can get the complete list of ALL product reviews for a specific marketplace on the All Reviews tab!

* In order to use the Product Reviews tab, please connect the Generic MySQL Connector on the Data Hub page! Please find the connection instructions HERE!


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