When you click on "Save & Send Test", Feedback Genius does not have a real customer order from which to pull in details.  When sending the test message, we populate the order details with fictitious content, including a fake Order Id, buyer name, product, etc.  These emails will NOT actually be sent to your buyer.
To test the actual content of a message sent to a buyer, leave the message in Test Mode until it generates a test message for you.  Once you receive a new order, any messages that are in test mode will generate a message on the "Sent" page containing the correct links based on those orders.
Keep in mind that if you are not the purchaser of a certain order, Amazon will not allow you actually be redirected to the page where you can leave Seller Feedback.  You may receive an error like "We experienced a temporary problem in our systems.  Please try again in a few minutes."  However, you should be able to tell that you are on the right page.  You will be on Amazon's site where you see a subtitle like "Leave Seller Feedback", "Your Reviews", or "Write a Product Review".
When the messages are changed to “Active”, they'll begin sending to your customers containing accurate information and functional links.

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