To view message template analytics, navigate to your Custom Messages tab, select the message template you'd like to review by clicking the "three dots", and click "Analytics" from the navigation menu.

“Message Analytics” allows you to measure the effectiveness of your messages.

What would I use this feature for?

The “Message Analytics” feature allows you to test and see how well your Feedback Genius messages are performing. The analytics charts provide you with the open and unsubscribe rates for a given message displayed over time. This feature gives you the ability to measure the success of a different subject line or change in email content, especially when used with A/B testing.
How do I access and use it?

You can access this feature from the Custom Messages page.  Each message will have the Analytics option available from the message template menu dropdown:

(Look for the 3 vertical dots on the right of the message table.)

From the analytics page you can view detailed charts with the open rates for each individual message template:

1 - You can adjust the date ranges to gather more insight into the data and trends over time.

2 - Hovering throughout the chart will highlight more detailed information for each data point.

What does this information mean?

Open Rate measures the number of messages opened per the number of messages sent in a given day.  Open Rate is generally reflective of the effectiveness of a subject line, as this is the only thing a customer sees before they choose whether to open it or not.

Please note - we have removed click-through tracking at this time, due to a recent change in the way that Amazon handles these tracked links. Given how these Amazon changes impact the Buyer user experience, we feel it is best to remove the functionality altogether. 

In addition, we have also removed the chart display titled, "Clicked Rate (%)", from the /message-analytics/ page.

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