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How do I use the price and discount filters?
How do I use the price and discount filters?

Learn how to target buyers that spent a specific amount on your product, or exclude buyers that purchased the item at discount.

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If you end up selling any of your Amazon products with a discount, you may or may not want to send your regular automated review request emails on those orders. If you would like a separate message to send when your products are ordered with a discount, you can do so with the advanced price filters.

First, find the message for which you would like to either exclude or include discounted sales. Then scroll to the bottom and from the Send Settings section, click "Show Advanced Filters". You will find the discount filters under the "Additional Filters" section. These three parameters can be used in conjunction or separately:

Discount was applied to item: This will determine if the message sends based on whether or not a discount was applied to the purchase. N/A means not applicable and is the default value; this means that the message will send to any buyer regardless of whether or not a discount was applied. If you select "No" your messages will only send if there was not a discount applied. If you select "Yes", the message will only trigger on orders that did use a discount. Using these, you can set up an individual message for discounted orders, and exclude those orders from your generic message.  By default, this discount filter is set to "N/A." If you do not adjust this setting, messages will send for all orders regardless of discount. 

If you prefer, you can set this up using a range of sale price instead of any discount at all. This way, you can only include orders that were discounted by a certain amount:

Item price is less than (or equal to): Set the maximum price the item must be purchased for (The default "0" means the filter will not apply)
Item price is greater than (or equal to): Set the minimum price the item must be purchased for (The default "0" means the filter will not apply)

Note: If you do send review request messages to discounted orders, please check carefully and make sure that your message is in alignment with Amazon's policies.


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