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Target Repeat Buyers with Unique Amazon Emails to Get Reviews and Feedback
Target Repeat Buyers with Unique Amazon Emails to Get Reviews and Feedback

Use the "Send this message for" filter to send a unique email to a buyer who has purchased from you more than once.

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Message repeat buyers for product reviews and seller feedback

Custom emails to people who buy from you more than once is a great way to build rapport and brand equity. Especially since keeping a customer is cheaper than acquiring one. If you need to go the extra mile for your buyers on Amazon then you need to go another one for repeat buyers.

Most sellers send the same message to everyone who buys from them—regardless of the product and number of purchases. This approach yields lackluster results. Remember, it’s all about sending the right message to the right buyer at the right time.

How to send unique Amazon emails to unique buyers

For your initial email, introduce buyers your company and brand—thank them for their purchase. But for your repeat buyers, a custom message is a great opportunity to ask for a product review or seller feedback.

Setting up repeat messages 

Login to Seller Labs PRO and from the hamburger menu in the top left corner click on Automated Messages under Communications.

Now, click the message you want to send when a buyer purchases from you the first time. Scroll to the bottom of the "Review and Edit Message" page click on "Show Advanced Filters". With the Advanced Filters section open, scroll down to the bottom to locate the "Send this message for" option, where you'll see four checkboxes. 

This is where you can select when you want the message to send depending on how many times the buyer has purchased from you. Once you are happy with the message and filters click on "Save and Complete".

Create or repurpose messages for second, third, fourth purchases and beyond

You'll need to create or repurpose a message for each time somebody buys from you. After the fourth time, the same message will continue to send.

Follow the process outlined from above. Make sure to add special attention to each message's copy because each one is an opportunity. And if the buyer has already left feedback, you can skip sending them a message. 

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