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Can I request product reviews?
Can I request product reviews?

Yes, you definitely can! And we've made it easy to ask your customers for reviews with premade templates plus product review variable links.

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To add a product review request into your message, you can include the variable [[product-review-link]] in the body of your message (instead of [[feedback-link]] for Seller Feedback). This variable will allow customers to leave reviews for the product they purchased.

You can also customize the variable link by adding clickable text, making the message more visually appealing. Simply specify the text that should appear hyperlinked by adding a colon after the word "link" and typing in the text that you would like hyperlinked. For example, you can add the product review link as [[product-review-link:Share your opinion]] and the recipient sees the words "Share your opinion" as a clickable link that redirects to the appropriate product review page.ย 

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