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How do I add a link to an image using Feedback Genius variables?
How do I add a link to an image using Feedback Genius variables?
Make your email more compelling by adding a link variable to your images. Buyers can click the image and be redirected accordingly.
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You can use Feedback Genius' link variables and your own images to create a dynamic visual for your customers that will change based on the customer's order. This can be accomplished within the text editor of your message in Feedback Genius.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1) Upload the image into the message and then click on the image.

ย 2) A tool bar will pop up that allow you to edit the image, including inserting a link (chain link icon).

3) Instead of inserting a long static URL, you can then use any one of the Feedback Genius "link" variables. For example, instead of using the [[feedback-link]] you would type [[feedback-url]] using the word "-url" instead of "-link". This process applies to all the link variables within Feedback Genius.


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