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Stay Compliant with Amazon ToS - Don't Include External Links In Your Buyer-Seller Messages
Stay Compliant with Amazon ToS - Don't Include External Links In Your Buyer-Seller Messages

Learn why you can't include links in your Amazon emails to your personal store, website, social media sites and more—with a few exceptions.

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Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging service is the only way you, the seller, can communicate with your buyers. Amazon is extremely particular with how its sellers use the service. It consistently monitors emails to catch sellers who are abusing the service. And if you are caught abusing Buyer-Seller Messaging, it could result in temporary email suspension all the way to losing selling privileges. 

Amazon wants sellers to contact buyers. You can email buyers to complete an order, respond to a customer service question, or ask for a product review or seller feedback. 

With that in mind, you can't use Buyer-Seller Messaging for marketing or promotional purposes. When you email a buyer, your message cannot include:

  • Links to any websites

  • Links to Amazon detail pages or storefronts

  • Seller logos if they contain or display a link to the seller's website

  • Any marketing messages or promotions

  • Any promotions for additional products or referrals to third-party products or promotions


Amazon wants to ensure that the entire transaction and communication stays within Amazon, as explained in the first section of Amazon's Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions (found here). This means that the buyer and seller must commit to keep all communication with Amazon.

Use the Communication Center's email variables to ensure your message's links are following Amazon's Terms of Service.


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