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Can I send messages at hour-specific times?
Can I send messages at hour-specific times?

Messages send based on your specified order event in the "Message Trigger" section of your message settings.

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The Communication Center does not have the capability of sending at hour-specific times. With the Communication Center you can send out anywhere from ASAP to up to 30 days after a certain order event.  The Message Triggers we support are:

Shipped - the order has left the warehouse and it is on its way to the local mailing facility which will deliver the order
Marked Out for Delivery - the mail piece receives the physical scan "arrival at unit" at the mailing facility which will deliver the mail piece (the order is about to reach the customer)
Delivered - the order has been delivered and is in the customer's possession

Returned - the order has been returned
Your messages will always send out at the correct times that you have chosen.  For example, if you are sending a message 4 days after Delivery then our system will wait exactly 4 days after the time stamp of Delivered gets received from the mail carrier API.


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