Feedback Genius does not have the capability of sending at hour-specific times.  With Feedback Genius you can send out anywhere from ASAP to up to 10 Weeks after a certain order event.  The Order Events we support are:
Confirmed - the order has been placed and payment has been received (order has been made official)
Shipped - the order has left the warehouse and it is on its way to the local mailing facility which will deliver the order
Marked Out for Delivery - the mail piece receives the physical scan "arrival at unit" at the mailing facility which will deliver the mail piece (the order is about to reach the customer)
Delivered - the order has been delivered and is in the customer's possession
Your messages will always send out at the correct times that you have chosen.  For example, if you are sending a message 4 days after Delivery then our system will wait exactly 4 days after the time stamp of Delivered gets received from the mail carrier API.  Do also keep in mind that the times you see for Sent on Feedback Genius are only for the time zone you have selected from your Settings.  Keep in mind that your customer's time zone may also differ from yours.

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