Our system has a built-in "Daily Limit" check that will not allow more than a certain number of messages to be sent per day. 

We calculate Amazon's Daily Limit to be 5 times the daily order volume over the past 180 days. To calculate our Daily Limit, we divide the daily order volume of the past 180 days by 180, and multiply it by 4. We multiply that by 4, instead of going all the way to 5, so that your account will not be blocked from sending messages by Amazon. If you exceed the Daily Limit, Amazon can block your Seller account from sending messages altogether. 

When the system does this calculation if we end up with a number under 300 your Daily Limit will by default be set at 300. 

You can always check your Daily Limit in your Feedback Genius account. To view your accounts Daily Limit simply hover your mouse over the Tool Tip in the Messages Sent box, on your Feedback Genius Dashboard.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Daily Limit, please feel free to ask us at support@sellerlabs.com

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