Feedback Genius allows you to automatically add buyers who left a neutral or negative seller feedback (3 stars or below) to the email blacklist. This feature is called "Negative Feedback Auto Blacklist" and is available on all paid Feedback Genius plans.
Although we have added the auto blacklist feature, you need to turn it "on" to activate it. By default it is set to "off".
 To turn auto blacklist after negative feedback "on," complete the following steps.

  1. Click on "Settings" under Communications in your left navigation.
  2. Turn "Negative Feedback Auto Blacklist" from "off" to "on."

NOTE: Negative feedback auto blacklist will blacklist customers that left negative feedback in the past, so it is normal to potentially see more than average entries added to your "Blacklist" once it is activated for the first time. Customers added by this feature will display as "Auto Negative Feedback."

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