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Add an Attachment to Improve Your Buyer-Seller Messages
Add an Attachment to Improve Your Buyer-Seller Messages

Including a written warranty or product instructions in your Buyer-Seller Messages can improve customer satisfaction and product experience!

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Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes. What do you expect from the sellers from whom you buy your products? You probably expect a quality product first and foremost. You probably expect timely delivery and quality packaging. But least of which, you probably expect a good customer experience. This can be anything from instructions, warranty information, or invoices.

Keeping the buyers’ experience in mind will help you navigate how to serve them best. And one of the most effective ways to serve your buyer is by including materials necessary to complete the order. The easiest way to do this is by using the attachments feature in the Communication Center for your Buyer-Seller Messages.

How to Include an Attachment

From the Automated Messages tab under Communications in the hamburger menu in the top left corner, select the message for which you want to upload your attachment. Under the Message Body editor, you will see an Attachment section. To add an Attachment simply click on the + Add Attachment button or drag and drop your attachment.

Approved File Types

Amazon currently supports these file types: 

  • .txt

  • .pdf 

  • .doc 

  • .docx

  • .tiff

  • .bmp

  • .png. 

The Communication Center does not support .jpg as an attachment type, however, you can include a .jpg image in your message content by using the "landscape" icon to the left of the attachment icon.

* Please be aware that according to Amazon Communication Guidelines, images of purchased product(s) as Amazon includes those on your behalf and images that do not relate to your brand or company SHOULD NOT be included into the message body! You are welcome to check the article in our blog regarding changes to Amazon messaging policy for buyers & sellers on this link!

How to Add Multiple Attachments

Follow these steps to add more than one attachment:

  1. Create the message and add the first attachment

  2. Save the template and close

  3. Return to the same template and add the 2nd attachment

  4. For any additional attachments, repeat the above steps.

  5. Once finished, click Continue and then Done to close and save the message

Attachment File Sizes and Optimization

You can send attachments up to 6 MB in size. But we recommend keeping attachment file sizes between 1 MB and 5 MBs. This recommendation has been made to avoid issues with Seller Central rejecting messages from sending due to the attachment’s file size.

You can reduce a PDF’s file size by using free services like and Double-check your file after compression and before attaching it to your message to verify that the image quality still meets your expectations.

Important Note: If an attachment has been added and not displaying when sent; it might mean that the attachment has been corrupted! For guidance on how to work this out, check out this article: Why do my messages with attachments show as sent in the Communication Center, but not in Seller Central?


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