An attachment such as a PDF or other image file can serve as a great complimentary bonus with your messages. You can add attachments from each individual message template. Keep in mind that this feature is only allowed on any of our paid plans or during the free 30-day trial.
From your Messages, select the message for uploading your attachment. From the message editor, select the "paper" icon to be able to upload your image.

The following file types are supported by Amazon: .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png. While we do not support .jpg as an attachment type, you can include a .jpg image in your message content by using the "landscape" icon to the left of the attachment icon.

Adding Multiple Attachments

In order to add more than one attachment, follow these steps:

1) create the message and add the first attachment

2) save the template and close

3) go back into the same template and add the 2nd attachment

4) for any additional attachments, repeat the above steps.

5) once finished, Save and Close

We allow your attachments in total to be up to 6MB in size, but we recommend keeping the attachments between 1MB to 5MBs. This is to avoid issues with Seller Central's messaging system rejecting the attachment, as well as forcing your buyers to download a large message.
You can shrink PDF files using the free service at, or you can shrink your images using the free service at We recommend viewing the file after compression and before attaching to your message to verify that the image quality still meets your expectations.

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