Technically, you can create a template that will notify your customers that their order has been shipped, however, we do not advise it.  Amazon sends their own shipment notification and tend to discourage sellers from sending their own.  Your account could be flagged by Amazon if you send your own shipment notification, because your customers will receive two shipment notifications.

As a best practice, we recommend using another setting in the When filters of your template.  Additionally, you could use a 1-day after shipment setting so that the message is not sending at the same time.

Below, you'll see where you can find the When filters:

Another option, would be to set the When filter to delivered. Using the order event of delivered, instead of shipped, will be the best way to follow up with those customers that you know for sure have received their order and are ready to leave either product or seller feedback.

For more information about the different Order Events available in Feedback Genius, please see this article here.

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