The Blacklist is a unique list made up of Amazon shoppers that have been added to your individual blacklist.  Shoppers/buyers can be added to the Blacklist by using the auto-forwarding feature or by manually adding them inside Feedback Genius.
How to use the Feedback Genius Blacklist
By default, all messages in Feedback Genius are set to adhere to the Blacklist.  This means messages in Feedback Genius will not attempt to send if the intended recipient is registered on the this list

To add users, manually, simply click on the + sign (shown in screen shot below) and copy/paste their unique Amazon email address or Order ID into the field:

You can also sort and filter this list to show Manual entrees, as well as those added by either Negative Feedback being left or through the email auto-forwarding process.

Please note that if the shopper has opted out of all 3rd party communication on Amazon, then messages sent Feedback Genius will never reach the intended recipient unless you follow Amazon’s directions for doing so in Seller Central.
We also want you to be aware that Amazon honors their opt-out based on “critical” vs “non-critical” messages:
This is how Amazon categorizes messages:

If you do decide to ignore the opt-out status of a user, by not adding them to the Blacklist, we highly recommend making sure your message’s content and purpose falls under the “critical” criteria established by Amazon.  Keep in mind this criteria also applies to manually reaching out to shoppers who have opted out from 3rd party communications.
To read more about the Feedback Genius Blacklist and Amazon’s Opt Out update, please see our blog article “Amazon Unsolicited Email Opt Out Update."

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