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Can I skip sending a message if seller feedback has been left?
Can I skip sending a message if seller feedback has been left?

Simply switch the filter toggle to "Yes" to prevent sending your message to a buyer that left you seller feedback already!

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The “Skip if feedback has been left” filter allows our system to prevent sending a message if a customer has already left seller feedback for their order.  However, in order to access this filter, you must complete a process called Seller Central Integration to give the Communication Center access to the detailed buyer information needed to link the feedback with an order ID.
For more information about how to complete Seller Central Integration, please see our tutorial here:  Seller Central Integration Walkthrough.
Once Seller Central Integration is completed, navigate to the “Filters” section of your message, Click “Show advanced filters” and turn "Skip if feedback has been left” to “Yes."

After completing this integration, your messages should begin to send within 24–48 hours.


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