Yes! If you sell on an Amazon marketplace that ships to multiple countries, sometimes you may want to filter a message to target a specific country, or sometimes you may want to exclude certain countries in order to send the correct message in the intended language.
To target or exclude certain shipping countries, start from your Custom Messages page. Click on the title of the message you'd like to edit, then click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.  On the next page, in the "Filters" box, click "Show Advanced Filters" in the lower right corner and scroll down to the "Shipping Filters" section.

You will see two fields, "Shipping Country Is" will target a specific shipping country once the two-letter country code is entered, whereas "Shipping Country Is Not" will exclude whichever country code is entered.

Below are the two-letter country codes for each marketplace Feedback Genius currently supports.

North America Marketplaces:

  • United States: US
  • Canada: CA
  • Mexico: MX

European Marketplaces:

  • United Kingdom: GB
  • France: FR
  • Germany: DE
  • Spain: ES
  • Italy: IT

Here's a full list of country codes that you can use.

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