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Why are the product metric charts displaying no data?
Why are the product metric charts displaying no data?
The charts will only show data for ASINs you're tracking. It may take 24 hours for the graphs to populate after you begin tracking an ASIN.
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Each Product Detail page within the Scope web app displays four graphs to track changes over time. These charts will show price history, review count history, sales rank history, and product rating history.ย 

If you are not tracking a product yet, you will receive a prompt to start tracking the product in order to begin monitoring this information.ย 

Once you select the "Track Product" option, you'll be prompted to add the ASIN to one of your Tracklists. Now that you're tracking the ASIN, the graphs should display the historic information over time. The system will default to a specific display time period--90 days, month, or week--based off how much information Scope has already gathered.

You can also view price history and sales rank history charts directly in the extension!


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