To connect your Seller Central account to Quantify for the first time, you will need to grant Seller Labs access to your marketplace(s). If you are an existing Feedback Genius customer, you will be shown the marketplaces you have already connected to Seller Labs.

Follow the instructions below to grant access to Seller Labs:

  1. From your Home Dashboard, click on the continent that contains the marketplaces you’d like to connect to Quantify. A new window will open. Sign into your Seller Central account. Read and click NEXT to allow Seller Labs to access you Amazon selling account.
  2. Select which marketplaces you’d like to add to your Quantify account. Please note, you will have the opportunity to add additional marketplaces after the initial setup.
  3. Copy your "” user email address. Open the User Permissions page in a new window. Paste the "” user email address and click “Send invitation." Then go back to Quantify.
  4. Customize your default lead time and COGS while you are waiting for the invitation to send. Note, configuring these settings at this stage is optional, you’ll have the opportunity after Setup to further customize important account settings. Skipping this Step will default lead time and COGS for all SKUs to “0”.
  5. Navigate back to the User Permissions page and “confirm” the Seller Labs user. Select “Add user permissions.” In the Reports section, grant “view and edit” permissions for "Business Reports, Sales Summary". In the Orders section, grant "view" permissions for "Manage Orders", and then click continue at the bottom of the page.
  6. Navigate back to Quantify and click “Finish”

Please be aware that sometimes you will not be able to confirm the invitation immediately. Regardless, we’ll send you an email once our system automatically processes the invitation so you can complete the confirmation later.

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