In order to get a key advantage (intelligent suggestions), you have to have a Target ACoS set for the campaign. Once you have that, the Advertising Center starts collecting data and building suggestions. It will take time for a campaign to offer high-quality suggestions, which will vary from one campaign to another. The more time that passes, the more (and better) suggestions will be generated for your campaigns. Usually, within 7 days the Advertising Center should have suggestions to offer that you can take action on, sometimes much sooner depending on how aggressive your ACOS goals may be.

Before you get started, watch this short video on how to set your Target ACOS in the Advertising Center and remember that you must set a Target ACoS to receive these suggestion gems!

That said, it is important that you coach the Advertising Center on where your ACOS targets exist for each of your campaigns. You can quickly set Target ACOS from your campaigns list:

Suggestions are also dependent on the performance of your campaigns. The Advertising Center will offer various suggestions, but you will have to accept or reject the suggestions manually as they come in.Β To learn more about Suggestions, and how to Approve, Delay, or Reject them, click here to read more.


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