By default, Feedback Genus only sends out messages for orders if the product condition is "New." You can change this if you would like, with our advanced filter settings.

To change this setting, start from the Custom Messages tab under Communications in your left navigation. From there, click on the title of the message you would like to edit. Then, click "Continue" at the bottom right of the page.

From the next page, go to the "Filters" section and click "Show Advanced Filters" in the bottom right corner of the box. Under the "Additional Filters" section, you will find the Minimum Condition filter.

You can use this filter to specify the Minimum Condition acceptable for your product before your message can send. By default it is set to New, so the system is being told to only send the message if the product condition for the order is New

However, our system can also capture orders coming through for products that are not the condition of new. Clicking on the dropdown and selecting N/A (for "Not Applicable") will effectively apply to all orders. You can also set a specific minimum condition from the list provided:

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