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Target Amazon Emails to Specific Products for Improved Efficiency
Target Amazon Emails to Specific Products for Improved Efficiency

Create product-specific emails easily with filters. Enter an ASIN or SKU to assign filters to a product.

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You can create a message and have it send for a specific ASIN or SKU. To do this, click on Automated Messages under Communications from the hamburger menu in the top left corner. From here, select the message you want to edit.

From the message editing screen, scroll down to the "Send Settings" box and enter either an ASIN or a SKU in the designated fields. You can also use the Product Selection box by typing in your products and a list will populate for you to choose from. Note: You can only select up to 10 products in the Product Selection box, but you can still add more ASINs to the ASIN box below it.

By leaving these fields blank, messages will send to all orders of your ASINs and SKUs.ย 

These fields allow you to target emails to be sent for specific ASINs or SKUs. For example, if you have the ASIN, "ASIN123", you would input this ASIN into the ASIN field, which will target that ASIN with the specific message you are editing.ย 

You can input multiple ASINs into this field and separate them with a comma and no spaces in between (e.g., "ASIN123,ASIN456"). The same principle applies to the SKU field.
To learn more about how to exclude certain ASINs or SKUs from receiving a message, please visit our article on this topic.ย 


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