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Seller Labs PRO Updates and Announcements
Seller Labs PRO Updates and Announcements

πŸ“’ Stay in the loop with our Updates Page! Get transparent insights on Seller Labs PRO news and features.

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πŸ“’ Why an Update and Announcements Page?

We believe in keeping you in the loop. Our commitment to transparency led us to create this dedicated page to share updates, improvements, and announcements related to Seller Labs PRO. Stay informed about new features, enhancements, and tips that can supercharge your selling experience.

πŸ“£ Important Update: Sunset of SCOPE Research Tool πŸ“£

We want to share an important update regarding our SCOPE Research tool. After careful evaluation and consideration of user feedback, we have made the decision to completely discontinue our SCOPE Research tool.

🌟Effective Date: January 15, 2024🌟

This decision stems from our commitment to delivering high standards of performance and continually enhancing your experience with Seller Labs PRO. While we understand the impact this may have, please be assured that it has been made with your best interests in mind.

What's Next?πŸ’‘

On a positive note, we are actively working on exciting additions to our software. Our roadmap for 2024 includes significant improvements, with a focus on:
Expanding our Data Hub Tool: Enhancements to provide you with more robust data analysis capabilities.
Introducing New Features within The LabπŸ§ͺ: Exciting additions to elevate your experience within The Lab.

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