The Reviews tab and Review summary will only display product review information once an ASIN has been selected to begin tracking.
Every monthly subscription allows you to track reviews for two ASINs. Please keep in mind that Feedback Genius can only track reviews for ASINs in a .com / US marketplace. Also, tracking one child ASIN will pull in reviews for all variations of the product, so there's no need to track more than one variation.
 To start tracking an ASIN:
 1) Go to the Products page, enter the ASIN in "Add a Product" field, and click "Search".
 2) Locate your product in the search results and click "Add."
 3) Click on the checkbox to the left of the product in the product list.
 Within a few hours, product reviews will begin to display in your Reviews page.

To track additional ASINs, a Review Bundle can be selected by clicking on your email address in the upper right corner, then clicking on "Settings" from the dropdown, and clicking on the "Your Subscription" page. From there, you can click the "Change Plan" button to add one of these bundles.

We offer the following Product Review Bundles:

  • 20 ASINs for $10/month
  • 50 ASINs for $20/month
  • 100 ASINs for $40/month
  • 200 ASINs for $60/month
  • 350 ASINs for $90/month
  • 500 ASINs for $120/month
  • 1000 ASINs for $200/month
  • 2500 ASINs for $400/month

Our Seller Labs Pro plans include unlimited review tracking as part of this bundled service!

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