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Increasing Conversion Rate by Boosting Your Reviews
Increasing Conversion Rate by Boosting Your Reviews

Fully utilize your PRO Subscription! Use the Communication and Advertising Centers together to improve your review rate and conversions!

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In this article, we will be detailing how to get the most out of your PRO subscription. You will also find out how using the Communication and Advertising Centers in conjunction can help boost the overall performance of both programs! Before we get into how each works to help the other, we have detailed some best practices for each program to maximize individual performance!

Optimize your messages for today's audience

Let’s face it - there’s almost nowhere these days that doesn’t ask for reviews or feedback or a survey. Customers are bombarded with these requests from all directions, so for your messages to have a real effect you will need to make sure that they stand out. This does not always mean that you have to make the message flashy or use random emojis, but rather that you need to find what stands out most for your selling demographic. In some cases, this will mean that you should keep the subject line short and to the point. For others, this will mean making the subject line silly or goofy. Never hesitate to be creative and use your insight to find ways to connect with the buyer and share additional value.

We also have the ability to add attachments to messages. So, don’t forget about this powerful tool that can help you to add extra value and speak to your brand better. A simple message asking for reviews or feedback may work to some degree, but in many cases if you provide something that makes the message fun for the customer they will be more likely to participate!

Boost conversions for your Sponsored Product Ads

One thing that is extremely important is making sure that the keywords you are using in your campaigns are relevant to your product. If the keyword is not incredibly relevant it may not drive as much traffic your way - even further, in some cases Amazon will prevent it from performing at all. Using the Advertising Center's built in keyword analytics software, to get suggested keywords, will aid in providing their relevance score which is listed next to them. Alternatively, you can use your own knowledge of your product to choose keywords outright for your campaign. Reducing overhead is critical to any business, and reducing any wasted ad spend is also just as significant for your business's success. Wasted ad spend would be any keyword that is costing you money in advertising but not bringing any revenue in. Quite often, this can mean that customers are clicking on your ad, but not finding what they want. Or, in some cases (and the main point here) the customer will click on the ad that you have paid for only to see that your product has not been reviewed enough, or that the product does not have a high enough review rating to secure their purchase. We will touch more on this in a moment but lastly, to help make sure that your campaigns are running well, you would need to make sure that you are keeping your prices competitive. For more competitive and saturated markets (supplements, for example), you will need to make sure that your bids and your goal ACOS are inline with this competition. While it is possible to drive towards a substantially low ACOS inside competitive markets, in all cases it is best to be aware of the expected cost of advertising. If everyone else who is selling a similar product to yours is bidding upwards of $1.00 on their keywords and devoting a high daily budget, and you’re only offering a max bid of $0.50 and a low daily budget, you will find it hard to compete and it may be hard to get the traffic necessary to promote conversions.

Using the Advertising Center and Communication Center in conjunction

As mentioned earlier, the number of reviews and the overall rating of these reviews can have a significant impact on the success of your sponsored ad campaigns. You can drive users with sponsored ads to click, but if a customer then sees your product with no reviews, they may not be at all willing to take a chance on a product with low ratings.

By using the Communication Center, you can drum-up reviews that will not only give your product more credibility but will also put your product in the running for a more successful sponsored ad campaign! As you collect your reviews, you will also be able to look into the reviews to see if there are any potential keywords you would like to work into your campaign. Many times, when customers leave reviews, they will use keywords that are specific to your product and can be seen as a “gauge” for what customers will use to search for that product in the future. If you are actively spending money to advertise, and your campaign is gaining the traction necessary to promote conversions, you should see an increase in the number of sales you get.  In doing this, you are also increasing the potential number of reviewers for your product and feeding that right back into your review rate!

Working with both the Advertising Center and Communication Center together, you should start to see better conversions due to higher review rates and more reviews due to the increase in sales - which should repeatedly feed into one another to help keep pushing growth for your products and your business as a whole!


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