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How to Add Keywords to a Campaign from a Competitor's ASIN in the Advertising Center
How to Add Keywords to a Campaign from a Competitor's ASIN in the Advertising Center

Quickly add high-performing keywords from competing products to your Sponsored Products campaigns with this feature

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Adding high-performing keywords to your Amazon advertising campaigns has never been easier thanks to the Add from ASIN feature in the Advertising Center. In addition to the current ability to add keywords individually or via bulk upload, you can now add keywords from a competing ASIN.

How the Add from ASIN feature works

First, from the hamburger menu in the top left corner click on Keywords under Advertising.

Below the graph, click on the Create Keywords button, which will then display a drop-down section with two choices; select the Add from ASIN option.

You will then see a window where you can add an ASIN. Only one ASIN can be researched at a time. Once you've added your desired ASIN, click the Suggest Keywords button.

Depending on how many keywords an ASIN ranks for, it could take a few moments to display the results. The number of keywords discovered will show above the results in the upper-left corner of the window.

From here, you can either select all the keywords by clicking the box next to the KEYWORDS label or you can individually select keywords based on their strength. The strength of a keyword can be:

  • Very Strong

  • Strong

  • Neutral

  • Weak

  • Very Weak

The rating is based on a keyword's strength and relevancy. 

Once you've selected your desired keywords, you will then be able to add them to an existing campaign or to a new campaign. You’ll need to select the ad group, match type and default bid. 

Note: You can select only one match type for each ad group (broad, exact, phrase). But you can repeat this process for each match type. 

When you are done adding the keywords into a campaign, ad group, and selecting a match type, click on Create, and that's it! You've successfully added new keyword opportunities to your Amazon Sponsored Products campaign.

Now it's your turn!


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