One of the best ways for Amazon sellers to boost sales and gain visibility for their products and brand is to run Sponsored Products advertising campaigns.  However, it becomes clear very quickly that the control you have over your campaign's schedule is extremely limited from the platform Amazon provides; you can set a start and end date, but this still pretty much limits you to having your campaigns “on” or “off”. 

Take your ads to a whole new level with Ignite's Campaign Ad Scheduling feature!

Ignite is the first Ad Management tool in the Amazon world to introduce this type of automatic control, and using it will give you full control of the timing of your campaigns down to the hour of the day.  This can be useful in several ways, most importantly, because you can customize your campaigns to only run during the most profitable times of day which saves you wasted ad-spend and maximizes what your limited daily spend does for you! 

Click here to learn how to activate Ad Scheduling.

Click here to view different strategies to determine your campaigns' most profitable times of day, and take the most advantage of this feature.

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